It is time to move house again.

So long goth address, you were nice but shame my housemates were so messy. Hello less than goth address with new, shiny clean housemates but smaller room. Cant have it all.

Also I wont have the net when I move house, so I wont be online much for the next 2 or 3 months, until I move AGAIN and get it set up. My life in boxes.

I move next saturday. Misty and Alex are moving down to Penzance so I think shes having a going away party if anyone wants to come down.

Also, no one else will care apart from Kez and Marc but OMG! Auchinawa 06 is over my birthday weekend! I could have an anime-ified birthday!
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My neck has been killing me for the last 2 days :(. Had to call in sick yesterday because I couldnt move my head, neck or shoulders and even lying down flat was causing huge pain. Woe is me. Should go back tomorrow though, even though Im still hurting, its not that bad.
Im going hom e next week for a week, going to Londonland :)

In other not so great news, it appears Im being evicted from my house.
Suprisingly, its not our fault. One of the conditions our landlord got when he bought the house was 'no multiple contracts' to stop him from renting to students. Well even though we're not students we still cant be there, and the estate agent didnt realise this until someone has told on us. So we have to leave by the end of April.
As many of you know Im not overly keen on that house Im not that bothered but I am kinda stuck because I will no longer have a house. Im not gonna end up homeless because if the worse comes to the worst I can stay at Marcs and put my stuff in storage. But its not ideal. Also I was planning to find a house with Vicky for the end of June when her contract ends and mine was supposed too. Obviosuly I cant rent out a 2 bed house on my own as I dont have the money.

Any ideas anyone? Anyone with a spare room in Sheffield I could rent for a few months? I promise Im tidy, and I dont go out quite as much as I used too, and stuff.
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For anyone who didnt know already:

3ulogy - Quarantine @ the HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Union), Tuesday 14th of March

Starts at 11.30pm, so plenty of time to get down from the Nelson. Entry 2GBP with NUS, 2.50GBP without. Followed by DJ set from asw909

Be there!

[edit: helps if I put the date]

FAO panis_angelics


Paradise Kiss anime rules so much. I dont know if youve seen it but wow! If youve not seen it, Ill put it on DVD for you when Ive got all the episodes. Rozen Maiden Traumned is so beautiful too, Ill have to put the first series on DVD for you too.

Also, Im becoming more and more tempted to dump the pseudo-pikachu cosplay to buy a commissioned Jade Stern/SuiseiSeki so tempted...
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Well, all I really wanted to say was its my birthday next friday so I will be visiting UBERSONIC on the thursday to see what its all about and listen to Nik DJ.

Ill also be visiting good ol' Corp on the Saturday for general drinking and dancing, and whatever. Im 22 so I get a pay rise.

Everyone should come out and see me and help me celebrate my happy pay rise day. Awesome. See you all there then :)
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POW! Muthafucker!

MSI today oh yes oh yes!

I think it will be cool and strange. Imagine the millions of different people that will be going to this.

I had my hair cut and it looks all small and short. Hopefully it looks nice, I never know.

Started buying things for my AmeCon cosplays, decided that leaving them to the last minute for Aya was bad.
Vice (from King of Fighters) -
Honey (from Fighting Vipers) - (except Im doing the half armoured version, if this means anything to anyone)
Jessie (of Team Rocket fame) - (in the event you *didnt* know Team Rocket)
List here for interested partiesCollapse )
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I got the job at the rather unamusing (IMO) Potato Bakehouse. (Why are baked potatoes funny?)

Start next tuesday I think. So thats cool. Its only £4.10 an hour but as Im nearly 22 it will go up, espcially if she thinks Im worth it and want to keep me on. The manager seems nice so thats all good. Feel a bit jittery about it, but I guess its to be expected. Now I have to give notice at the globe, so this will prob be my last week. Interesting.

Probably corping it up tonight, me and Vicky went shopping today and spent money, even though I bought nothing to wear to corp, apart from some rather nice tights.

Feel like I need a hug somehow, sleeping on your own is lame :(
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I got rejected!

From lolitasnap.

This picture:
Image hosted by

> Your image (title: Ayacon 05) got declined. Reason: This is *extremely* western lolita. Please refer to the rules page.

The question I pose to you. Should I reply with this:

Last time I looked I was Western. And so are you. Following strict rules down to the last letter wont make you any more Japanese, how ever hard you wish it would.

Or anything better you can think of. I dont really plan to leave it. I just want to give them my opinion and Im not really bothered if they want to ban me.

I know its just theyre jealous. I actually look young, rather than 30 and bizarre.
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Tomorrow it is Batfink, nearly the last one. We think its been confirmed that Nik is DJ-ing, so we could expect some J-rock tuns. sasword, do you fancy getting loli-d up and strutting our stuff? I expect dasgrafik will be going also. Its a bit goth-y, but we dont bother with that! Its just a silly place to go where you can wear whatever you like and still be sure that you dont look the worst in the room, by a long way.

I have to go to work now. If anyone out there in LJland (long shot here) has a pair of black and maroony-red striped tights they dont want any more let me know...I want them for cosplay and cant find any...Im sure they exist.
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